31 July 2016 /pol/ coup attempt
Part of the TAR-/pol/ conflict
Date 31 July 2016
Location /pol/, 4chan
Result Coup failed; /pol/ victory
Pol logo /pol/ TAR flag Trudeau Army of Reddit
Supported by:
Mostly unorganized
Kek (disputed)
TAR Commander
More than 100 1
3 boards occupied
Many triggered
1 banned
The July 31 2016 /pol/ coup attempt (also known as the One Man Raid by TAR supporters) was an attempt by the Trudeau Army of Reddit to take control of the 4chan board /pol/ because of its racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc, etc and to stop it spreading to Reddit. It was the first ever action by TAR.



Logo used by TAR during the coup.

Inspired by the coup attempt in Turkey, the TAR Commander decided that he raid /pol/ to stop them from spreading their hate on Reddit. The TAR commander wrote a thread telling /pol/ they were getting raided. This didn't receive a lot of attention but those who noticed didn't seem worried. TAR Commander knew that he had to step up his attacks and launched the first big step by telling the Trump general thread (a cesspool of racist Trump supporters) that TAR has took the thread over. Majority of Trump general users did not react to this and accepted the occupation. TAR then moved onto brit/pol/ (supporters of anti-Semite Oswald Mosley), /sg/ (supporters of blood thirsty dictator Bashar al-Assad) and /cfg/ (misogynists who hate Hillary Clinton) and occupied them. /sg/ anons were scared of TAR's occupation while brit/pol/ and /cfg/ anons ignored it just like Trump general. The /pol/ admins then banned the TAR Commander until August 3rd 2016 and deleted his comments, liberating the occupied boards. TAR tried seeking asylum in /lit/ and /his/ but was banned from 4chan altogether until August 3rd 2016 to prevent them from carrying out more attacks.


The coup attempt didn't leave an impact on /pol/ and they continued spreading their hate on Reddit. However TAR Commander learned from the coup and has said that when his ban ends he will raid /b/, /r9k/ and get his revenge on /pol/.